BSF Phone

BSF Phone is the telephone banking service that allows you to manage your accounts and conduct your day-to-day banking transactions quickly at any time.

How to register in BSF Phone:

Registration through the Phone

  • Call 8001242121 inside KSA or +966920000576 outside KSA.
  • Choose your preferred language by pressing (1) for Arabic of (2) for English.
  • Press (1) for BSF Phone services.
  • Enter your MADA or credit card number.
  • Enter your card PIN number.
  • Create new PIN number for BSF Phone different than your card PIN and not repeated and sequenced.
  • Confirm your new BSF Phone PIN.
  • You will receive an activation code via (SMS) in your registered mobile number; you need to enter the code.
  • You must accept the BSF Phone Terms & Conditions, Press (1) to accept or (2) to reject.
  • Now you can enjoy using our advanced interactive voice response.

Registration through ATM

  • Insert your MADA or Credit card in any BSF ATM.
  • Choose your preferred language.
  • Enter your card PIN.
  • Select “Other Services” from the main screen.
  • Select “Phone Banking Access”.
  • Select “Registration”.
  • Enter your NEW BSF Phone PIN, which should be different from your card PIN.
  • Re-enter the same BSF Phone PIN.
  • Your card will eject with conformation receipt.

BSF Phone Services

Notification alert (Post Login)

  • Traffic violations.
  • ID expiry.
  • MADA card expiry.
  • Inactive accounts.
  • Inactive cards (MADA/CREDIT CARDS).
  • Inactive beneficiaries (Accounts and SADAD bills).
  • IPO subscription.
  • Marketing offers.

MADA Cards

  • Activate your MADA card.
  • Reset MADA card pin.
  • Change your MADA card PIN number.
  • Stop your MADA card.

Current Account

  • Obtain information on all your BSF accounts.
  • Transfer funds between your accounts and other accounts in BSF  
  • Add accounts in BSF under Beneficiaries list.
  • Transfer funds to Local Banks (Predefined Beneficiary through BSF Online & BFS Mobile).
  • Brokerage & Company Payment.
  • Check the last 6 transactions on the account.
  • Check the last deposit transaction on the account.
  • Request account statement (By Fax).
  • Order a checkbook (By Branch).
  • Inquire about your IBAN number also you can send it to your registered mobile via SMS.
  • Inquire about your BSF Phone daily limits.

Credit Cards

  • Activate your Credit Card
  • Inquire about your Credit card balance.
  • Inquire about your Credit card due amount.
  • Pay your credit card.
  • Cash advance (Transfer from your card to your account).
  • Inquire last 5 transactions.
  • Inquire last 5 pending transactions.
  • Redeem bonus points.
  • Inquire credit card limit and cash limit.
  • Assign/Change PIN number for your credit card.
  • Request new card.
  • Inquire about your credit card IBAN number also you can send it to your registered mobile via SMS.

Loan Services

  • Inquire about your loan outstanding amount.
  • Inquire about your next installment amount and due date.
  • Apply for new loan

Sadad Bill payment

MOI Services

JANA program point inquiry

Tickets inquiry

Exchange rate

BSF Key registration

E-channels management (BSF Plus - BSF Mobile)

Change BSF Phone PIN number

Contact Numbers

For Customer Service

From landline 8001242121 and outside the Kingdome dial +966920000576

For Customer Service ( Priority & Elite)

Priority from outside the Kingdom dial +966114089000 Elite From landline and mobile dial 8001245050 from outside the Kingdom dial +966114089000

For Marketing

From landline and mobile dial 8001240006

BSF Phone Teams and Condition