Education and Awareness

  • It is our duty to provide appropriate financial services and products in a fair and equitable manner to meet the needs of our customers

  • One of our principles at BSF is the commitment to give priority and maximum care to customers with disabilities and the elderly, in a way that guarantees facilitating their reception and speeding up the procedures for providing banking services to them.

  • We, at BSF, take special care and attention to provide products suitable for customers with limited income, education, the elderly, and persons with disabilities of both sexes.

  • One of our principles at BSF is to deal fairly, honestly and equitably with all customers at all stages of the relationship.

  • A savings account allows you to set aside a portion of your money and allow it to grow gradually over a long period of time, while making it available for your use without any fees or penalties.

  • Some useful ways to help you save and have sound financial planning are:

    - Set your priorities
    - Set specific savings goals
    - Create an appropriate savings plan
    - Choose the right tools for savings
    - Make saving permanent

    Saving and financial planning help you reach your goals

  • Proper financial planning allows you to make plans for your current and future financial needs and achieve your long and short term goals

  • Choose the type of credit card that meets your needs with the right goal to acquire it

  • Choose the appropriate home finance product that meets your requirements, whether the choice is to buy a ready-made home from the market, self-build, or on-map sale.

  • Financial planning is important for individuals and families to achieve future financial goals

  • Beware of dealing with unlicensed financial or investment companies or institutions to avoid incurring losses

  • The bank is prohibited from dealing with forex companies that engage in currency trading and exchange activities, or sites that are active in cryptocurrency trading, which practice this activity on irregular operations promoted by unlicensed parties and give promises of quick financial gains and wealth, which may expose many of their dealers to a huge financial loss

  • Your late payment would affect your credit record and thus reduce your credit score, which prevents you from benefiting from requesting additional facilities in the future. Therefore, you must initiate payment as agreed upon with the bank

  • Take the initiative to pay the amounts due on time to avoid accumulating them, which will lead to default and inability to pay in the future, thus harming your credit record with SIMAH

  • When applying for housing financing, ask for the amount of financing that takes into account your financial and non-financial obligations to avoid defaulting in the future

  • You have the right to obtain updated information on services and products provided, so that it is clear, concise, easy to understand, accurate and not misleading, in addition to facilitating your access to the terms and conditions and main features of products and services without hard effort

  • Be sure to read and understand the contracts and their appendices, the initial disclosure form, the terms and conditions, documents and any other paper that requires your approval or signature.

  • Always provide complete and accurate information when filling out any bank forms, and refrain from providing wrong details or not providing important information

  • Do not use the service or product except in accordance with the terms and conditions associated with it, after making sure that they are fully understood

  • Review your current financial obligation before making a financing decision to avoid non-payment later

  • It is important to ask questions to the bank staff regarding any unclear clause or condition that you are not sure about, and the staff will answer any questions in a professional manner that will help you in making the decision

  • Speak to the bank for advice if you are facing financial difficulties and are unable to afford the required minimum installments (such as personal finance and credit cards).When you talk to the bank, you can discuss the available options for rescheduling the amounts owed on you, through which you can pay these amounts

  • Make sure you read and understand the personal finance terms and conditions and ask the bank employee to explain them to you if you do not understand them

  • The bank has provided you with a mechanism for handling complaints and a time frame for providing you with the result on its official website (, so take the initiative to use this service and learn how to raise the complaint to higher levels, when necessary.

  • If you think you may have been a victim to a scam, report it immediacy through calling:
    Iinside KSA: 800 124 2121, 800 124 7896
    Outside KSA: +966 92 00 00 576

  • Never reveal passwords related to your bank accounts or cards or the One Time Password (OTP) you receive via your mobile phone

  • Inform the bank immediately upon receipt of amounts from an unknown source on your account

  • Never open email attachments with the file extension (VBS, SHS, EXE, or PIF) as these extensions are frequently used by virus programs

  • Do not share your bank account login information. Only a fraudster will ask for this information, the bank or the official authorities will not ask for it under any circumstances

  • Do not share your bank details with anyone claiming to be a bank employee to update your cards or bank account information. Official bank employees will not ask for your bank details.

  • Be careful as scammers aim to deceive you by impersonating legitimate websites, such as delivery services or a government website

  • In the event that you discover unknown transactions on your account, you must immediately inform the bank about it

  • You should not, under any circumstances, provide any bank account details or any other accurate banking or personal information to any third party

  • The bank has the right to block your account or one of the amounts deposited in it if the bank suspects the use of the account or that the amounts are the result of financial fraud

  • Make sure to check any links you receive in your email and that they come from trusted people before clicking on them

  • Inform the bank immediately if you lose your card or noticed any unusual activity in your account

  • You will be given full details of the obligations incurred by you in return for obtaining the service or product, so review these obligations and make sure that you understand them and your ability to fulfill them.

  • Some financial services or products contain varying levels of risks and bank staff should explain them clearly to you. Do not purchase a service or product when you feel that the risks do not suit your financial situation

  • When you request to obtain a product or service, you must ensure that it is suitable for your needs, and you must disclose all your financial obligations with all parties, provided that your decision is based on your ability to fulfill the obligations incurred after obtaining the product or service

  • Read and understand all terms and conditions relating to your requests before signing your consent declaration

  • Choose a credit limit for credit cards commensurate with your needs and financial ability to repay

  • In the event that you choose the self-build product, you must contract with a reliable contractor to avoid any delays that prevent obtaining subsequent payments

  • You must review your current financial obligations before making a personal financing decision to avoid being unable to repay later

  • When applying for a housing finance, it is necessary to examine the house to avoid any defects or construction problems in the future

  • The bank is obligated to provide you with a copy of the contracts and documents signed by you, with the necessary clarification and explanation, and to answer all your questions with full transparency and clarity

  • You have the right to obtain full details of your obligations in return for obtaining the banking service or product

  • Always ensure that your charitable contributions are directed to licensed entities only

  • Never make a financial transaction on your bank account on behalf of others.

  • Your personal information, including contact information, should be updated continuously and whenever the Bank requests it, and you will be responsible for the information that you did not provide to the Bank.

  • Use your national address, e-mail, and contact numbers in your banking dealing, and do not use other addresses that do not belong to you, such as friends or relatives, because it will lead to your financial information being disclosed to them.

  • Be careful when granting an official power of attorney to complete your financial transactions. Know to whom you give the authority to dispose of your financial affairs and who can view them.

  • Ensure that all required fields and numbers are completed in the form you have been given to sign. Do not sign blank or incomplete forms.

  • You should review all the information you recorded in the transaction forms to ensure that there are no errors in the account number, amount, or beneficiary details. Your signature is approval of the content of the form.

  • The bank should provide you with a copy of the contracts and documents signed by you and keep it in a safe place

  • It is forbidden to transfer to persons or entities unknown to you, according to the regulations in force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, so make sure that the transfers that you make are to persons or entities known to you and for legitimate purposes known and acceptable

  • One of the rules of dealing between banks and their customers is that the banking relationship begins and continues in all dealings according to valid documents and identities

  • Be sure to renew the validity of your personal ID before it expires, and update its data with the bank as soon as it is renewed, in order to avoid freezing your account.

  • The bank account is frozen after ninety days from the expiration date of the identity, so be sure to renew it immediately, in order to avoid freezing your bank accounts.

  • The bank has the right to freeze the account upon the expiry of the customer's official identity and the end of the grace period (90 days) and/or failure to update his financial and personal information, and addresses.

  • The joint account is frozen with a joint or sole signature in the event that the identity of one of the account subscribers expires and the grace period (90 days) expired.

  • Customers are allowed to close their frozen accounts due to the expiration of their identities or the failure to update their information, provided that the customer submits a written request to do so, and the request is on the special form with the bank.

  • The account becomes a dormant account if it completes a period of (24) Gregorian months, starting from the date of the last debit financial transaction conducted by the customer or his legal representative. It is not allowed to accept any withdrawal or transfer movement on the dormant account except in the client in person or the legal agent stipulated in his agency to deal with the client's bank accounts

  • The account becomes an unclaimed account if it completes a period of (5 years) Gregorian (60 months) without executing any debit financial transaction.

  • The account becomes an abandoned account and its owner is disengaged from the bank if he completes a period of (15) Gregorian years (180 months) without executing any debit financial transaction.

  • The customer is considered responsible before the competent authorities for the money that he personally deposits or that others deposit in his account with or without his knowledge if he personally disposed of it later or did not dispose of it but did not report it officially upon his knowledge of its presence in his account, so he took the initiative to inform the bank immediately For any money entered into your account that does not belong to you or whose source you do not know

  • Make sure that the money deposited in your account result from legitimate activities because you are responsible for its safety, keep in mind that if the bank receives any illegal or counterfeit money from you, you have no right to recover or compensate for it

  • In the event that you opened a new account with the bank and did not deposit any amounts in it within a period of (90 days) from the date of opening it, the bank will close that account, so take the initiative to deposit in any new account that you open to avoid the process of closing it by the bank

  • Customers can open accounts in the foreign currencies available at the bank, and the customer may deposit and withdraw in foreign currency, and in the event that currency is not available; The customer shall have the request to exchange in Saudi Riyals, while bearing the usual fees and expenses incurred in such transactions

  • The responsibility for operating the account rests primarily with the account holder or other persons authorized by the account holder and approved by the bank, and the authorization remains valid until the account holder informs the bank of its cancellation or the expiration of the authorization period (5 years) or when the authorization identity expires and he does not submit a renewal for it

  • One of the requirements for opening a bank account is to determine the purpose of the account, the sources of income, and the real beneficiaries

  • You have the right, before signing the housing finance contract, to obtain and review the contract within (15 days) and understand it, and then go to the bank to complete the procedures.

  • Channels for submitting complaints and/or inquiries / Credit Advisory at the Customer Care Management "BSF Care"
    For Complaints:-
    Free phone No.: 8001188880 - International phone No.: 920000548
    Fax No.: 0112895488
    Online banking services: (BSF Online/ BSF Mobile)
    BSF Care - through the bank’s official website (
    BSF branches (requires a written letter signed by the customer explaining the details of his/Her complaint)
    * For Inquiries: Free Phone: 8001242121 (24/7)
    * Card Advisory: Free Phone: 8001240425 - International 920014777