Al Anjal Education Plan

ANJAL / Takaful ANJAL is a Protection and Saving plan with underlying investment / saving tools that will build cash value over time while this saving is protected against the consequences of God forbid any unforeseen accident (at accident (death or disability)), the plan will continue till maturity assuring the continuity of needed funding support to attend university.
You will fund the policy for certain number of years and the growth in the cash value. At plan maturity, your Child will receive cash at tax-free.
ANJAL / Takaful ANJAL plan is very simple. You decide, with the help of a specially trained representative, how much you need to save and over how many years. Together you will tailor an education plan that fits your needs and your budget. Once the plan is agreed, you will start your regular saving for your child providing you convenience and above all, peace of mind.

ANJAL / Takaful ANJAL saving program is an investment linked plan; the amount you save will be invested according to an investment strategy through a Sharia’ compliant Portfolios/Fund proposed to you by Allianz BSF.

Each time you pay a contribution it will be divided into two portions:
  • the first portion will be used to pay the contribution to the Participant Takaful Fund for mutual protection in case of death or Permanent Total Disablement (PTD);
  • the second portion will be allocated to your investment account by buying units of Portfolio/Fund The Sharia’ compliant Portfolio/Fund currently offered to you by ASF is Al Badr Murabaha Fund Low Risk (You can refer to the fact sheet of the Badr fund at the BSF Capital website Al Badr Murabaha Fund is managed by “BSF  Capital (SFC), the asset management subsidiary of BSF .
Our trained representatives are at your disposal to study your saving needs, investment horizon and risk appetite.