Business to Business

A secure electronic connection service through internet specifically for corporate groups that need to execute large volume of banking transactions with high frequency.
In BSF, we are thrilled to go Up and Beyond for our B2B partners, by offering the most cohesive and intuitive solutions with the purpose of forming a link between businesses and our backend system using the most secure and advanced electronic connection on the internet.

We provide a great form of convenience by establishing a direct integration to your accounting system/ERP, eliminating any manual intervention and allowing you to handle your finances with a simple and adaptive approach.

  • Automated reconciliation
  • Banking transfer services (to accounts held within BSF, local ,and international)
  • Bulk payments management (payroll)
  • Intra-day statement with real time balance (MT940)
  • Utility and government payments (SADAD)
  • Improved cash management activities through a centralized system
  • Payments management (immediate, scheduled, and future)

  • Fully automated channel to perform transactions without manual intervention
  • Seamless integration between corporate system and bank payment gateway
  • Reliable and secure account management
  • High level of firewall and security
  • 24/7 system availability

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