Payroll Prepaid Card Service

In BSF  We offer an efficient and systematic payroll solution specialized for corporates conducting payments (for employees with monthly pay less than/equal to SR 3,000). Eliminating paperwork and cheque related hassles and inconveniences, all through a highly secure channel. In addition, all prepaid cards issued will be implemented under MADA network and supports SADAD payments allowing for convenience to the employees in their spending.

Product features
  • can be used on point of sale terminals
  • Can be used for SADAD payments
  • Can be used for withdrawal from ATMs in KSA
  • Cards are fed by the facility only
  • Easy access to salary transfer details via account statement
  • SMS notification for each transaction
  • Chip and PIN card safety features
  • PIN reset option

Product benefits
  • Reduces risk of carrying cash
  • Save time and cost spent on monthly reconciliation
  • Reduced administration work (printing checks and reports)
  • High level of security and control

Contact Details
For Service subscriptions and inquires , please contact us on email
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