BSF is a Saudi Arabian Joint Stock Company established by Royal Decree No. M/23 dated June 1977
Our Mission
To become the most modern, innovative and experience focused bank in the region.

Our Values
  • We are BSF
    Always putting the needs of our people, customers, shareholders and society ahead of our own personal agenda. We are a community that we defend and protect, always.
  • Us before me
    We put ideas before ego and leverage the expertise of others.
  • Winning is fun
    We seek to be number one in the hearts and minds of our people, customers and shareholders. We have limitless ambition and the drive to win.

  • Think big, act quick
    We think long-term in our decisions, but we make them quickly and have a bias towards action.
  • True to ourselves always
    We are honest with one another, even at the risk of temporary disharmony. It is never personal.
  • Keep it simple
    We strive to make everything we do as simple as possible. We set our people up for success and then get out of their way. We only need to be asked once. We own it.
Our objective is to provide all types of commercial banking services to both domestic and international customers. BSF aims at creating a long term and personalized partnership with all its customers, gaining loyalty through recognized banking expertise, quality of service, as well as innovative and customized financial solutions.
Extensive Network
Our Head office is located in Riyadh and we have three (3) Regional Offices in Jeddah, Al-Riyadh and Al-Khobar.

full-fledged Branches
Total ATM network including Cash Acceptance Machines
Ladies Sections
Total POS
Social Responsibility
As a corporate citizen, the Bank supports the tireless efforts of the Saudi government in the economic reform programs and developmental efforts to strengthen the economy and promote the welfare of the community. As part of the memorandum of agreement between the Bank and the Ministry of Social Affairs, Banque Saudi Fransi supports the programs and activities of the Ministry to unify the efforts made by various charitable organizations, assists them with the Bank’s various donations and participate in media campaigns aimed at social awareness. The memorandum also aims at exchanging ideas on charity works, and build bridges of cooperation between the private and public sectors.
Steady Growth
Over the years, BSF has demonstrated a sustainable pattern of growth that has established its current financial strength and leadership in the Saudi market, positioned the Bank as a modern and dynamic institution fully geared to meet the challenges of the future. In the area of Islamic banking services, Banque Saudi Fransi had made considerable improvement in the development of products and services including enhancements of our branches to comply with the provisions of Islamic Sharia and to provide alternative products available to companies and individuals including investment and Global Markets services. Banque Saudi Fransi plays a leading role in the provision of these services aside from leasing and participation in Tawarruq for corporate clients.

BSF has reported its financial results for the full year 2023, with a net income of SAR 4.22 Billion and earnings per share of SAR 3.33