BSF Jana

Easy Ways to Earn. Exciting Ways to Redeem

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BSF Jana rewards program is designed to offer BSF clients a total relationship in which clients can benefit by collecting BSF Jana points through their daily banking transactions and redeeming them for a variety of special rewards in a unique experience.

Register through these quick and easy steps:
  • Log in to your account through BSF Online or BSF Mobile
  • Choose BSF Jana rewards program
  • Fill in your information

Earn Points

With BSF Jana rewards you can earn BSF Jana points every step of the way. BSFclients can collect BSF Jana points for all products and services, such as using BSF Credit Cards and MADA Cards, Money Transfers, SADAD bill payments and many other banking transactions.

Redeem Points

BSF Jana rewards Program offers you the best experience and widest redemption options for your BSF Jana Points such as
  • Redeeming your BSF Jana points for instant travel booking, from flight, hotel and car rental.
  • Redeeming your points for a variety of gifts that are constantly updated and delivered directly to your home address.
  • E-Vouchers for a wide range of E-commerce websites and stores.
  • Redeem your points for Cashback directly on your Credit Card.
  • Transfer your points to a partner program or pay at a partner store.

BSF Jana rewards program also offers you the flexibility of transferring your points to another BSF Jana member or paying the insufficient funds with your Credit Card.

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