We design Advanced Banking Services in a way that introduces selective group of products and services that reaches your expectations
All of the Advanced Banking products suits our selective clients with exclusive rates throughout our understanding of their lifestyle.
Features and benefits:
  • Dedicated Relation Officer in the Branches.
  • Safety deposit box.
  • Issuing a monthly account statement shows all the transactions in Arabic and English.
  • 24-hour toll-free number (8001242121) and (00966 920 000576) to call from overseas.
  • Free Checkbook.
  • Executing standing orders’ operations.
  • The possibility of conducting banking transactions through all the electronic channels as SADAD and local and international transfer.
  • 25% discount on most of banking services fees as all kinds of financial transfers, issuing bank checks, safety deposit boxes.
  • A credit card with a free annual fee “Platinum “of exclusive benefits including unlimited complimentary access for you to over 25 primary regional & international airport lounges, for more details: Mastercard Platinum