In BSF we offer the most comprehensive electronic payroll system. Regardless of your organization’s size, we offer an adaptive approach tailored to your liking whether it was through integrating our technologically advanced banking platform to your internal system, or by using BSF Global where both options will insure a secure and convenient way of distributing payments, with the option of single and bulk.
This service is fully compliant with the rules and regulations of wage protection system (WPS) by the ministry of Human Resources and social development

Product features
  • Save time and administration costs
  • Secure accurate
  • Accommodate all salary in reliable and accurate manner
  • Execution with set value dates possible
  • Reduce operational and processing costs
  • Ease of payroll distribution
  • Easy access through portal (BSF  global)
  • Minimizing the risk of error

Product benefits
  • Allow the user to set the value date of the payroll
  • Controlled environment with a customized workflow
  • Detailed MIS reporting
  • Compatible with WPS
  • Electronic verification of files transmission
  • Allow to pay allowances, bonuses, etc regardless of salary date

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