FransiMobile is the mobile banking application that allows you to manage your accounts and conduct your day-to-day banking transactions quickly from your mobile device at any time.

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How to Register
To register in our digital banking services, please download the Application thru “Google Play” or “Apple Store” then click on “Register” icon to proceed with the process.

  • Click on “Register” option.
  • Choose either bank account or credit card to register.
  • Enter your card number
  • Enter your ATM or Credit card PIN Number.
  • Enter your account number
  • Enter your ID or Iqama number
  • Please enter the code shown (Captcha)the box above using normal keyboard.
  • Create username which will be used to login to BSF Online and FransiMobile 
  • Create Password

    Password Tips
    • Password should be minimum 8 characters and maximum 20 characters in length.
    • Always try and use an alphanumeric password (consisting of letters, numbers and special characters (@!#$.-_)).
    • Never choose a password same as your Username.
    • Choose a password which is easy for you to remember but difficult for others to guess.
    • Keep changing your password frequently
    • Do not share your password with anyone.
    • Do not write down your password, just memorize it.
    • Always use a different password for your Internet Banking facility just to keep your access as safe as

How to Download App
Please visit the link below from you mobile device

FransiMobile Services
  • View Account Balance
  • Open new account
  • Open sub account
  • Update ID expiry date
  • View Daily Transaction Limits
  • View Transactions History
  • Exchange Rate Calculator.
  • Between Your Personal Accounts
  • To Banque Saudi BSF Clients Account
  • To Local Transfers Banks
  • To International Transfers Banks
  • To Brokerage companies
  • To other companies
  • Manage beneficiaries (Add, Delete and Modify)
Credit Cards
  • Apply and get your virtual credit card instantly
  • Transfer amount from your credit card to your current account
  • View Transactions History
  • View Pending Authorization
  • Issue and change card PIN
  • Add card to Apple Wallet
mada card
  • Stop and activate card
  • Issue and change PIN
  • Manage the daily limit for POS and e-Commerce purchases
  • Add card to Apple Wallet
  • Pay bills from account
  • Pay bills from credit card
  • Inquire and add bills linked to ID number
  • Manage beneficiaries (Add, Delete and Modify)
Ministry of Interior (MOI)
  • Inquire, Pay and Refund fees
  • Add beneficiaries to ease the payment
JANA Rewards
  • Register on JANA Rewards program.
  • View rewards points
  • Subscribe in new IPO
Other Services
  • Unlock FransiMobile username
  • Retrieve FransiMobile username & password
  • Update email address
  • SMS messages for financial /non-financial transactions, marketing offers.
  • Save the confirmation screen for all financial transactions as an image in photo gallery
  • View the nearest branch or ATM.
  • Activate Fingerprint on iPhone.
  • Available on Apple watch
Personal Finance
  • View finance details
  • List of all paid and unpaid installments
JANA Rewarding program
  • Each customer will be getting 50 points upon JANA registration
  • To register in JANA Rewarding program click on JANA tap in channel and follow the steps