Global Islamic Finance, Tax & Zakat

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An independent nonprofit research center on islamic finance

Since its establishment, BSF is one of the ambitious banks in the Kingdom. Among its wide range of services, it provides Islamic products and services such as financing through Murabaha and Ijarah.

BSF is honored to sponsor one of the great initiatives taken in this field, GIFTZ, Global Islamic Finance, Tax & Zakat.

GIFTZ Center facilitates cutting-edge research and publications conducted by experts in the field of Islamic finance, zakat, and tax.

Their researchers, global experts and analysts who provide a unique mixture of strategic vision on Islamic finance. They work to help the decision makers to make the world more peaceful and sustainable.

BSF aspires to be an active sponsor of this initiative aiming at expanding the industry, increasing the Islamic Finance literacy, and encouraging cutting edge research in the field. This stems from our active mission to become the most modern, innovative and experience focused bank in the region.

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